Renowned Australian singer John Farnham is awake” after his marathon surgery to remove a tumour from his mouth.

His wife Jill Farnham today provided an update on John’s condition.

She said he’s expected to remain in the intensive care unit for weeks

“John remains in a stable condition in ICU following the removal of a cancerous tumour in his mouth on Tuesday,” his wife Jill and sons Rob and James shared in a statement on Monday morning.

“He is awake and responding well to the care he’s receiving.”

They also thanked Farnham’s fans for their enduring support.

“The Farnham family want to acknowledge and thank everyone for their ongoing messages and well wishes that have been shared throughout the last week,” they said.

“It really lifts our spirits knowing that everyone is thinking of John.”

On Monday, entertainment reporter Peter Ford said Farnham would need some time to recover.

“This is going to be a very long process for John. He was always expected to be in ICU for weeks. 6 days later and he’s still there,” he told Sydney 2GB host Ben Fordham.

Previously, Fordham hinted that the ‘You’re the Voice’ singer was facing a lengthy recovery process.

“Doctors may have to insert a tube into his windpipe as part of his recovery,” he said on Wednesday.

“He’ll need a feeding tube and he’ll need rehab to help him chew and swallow again, he’ll spend weeks in hospital recovering.”

Although the musician doesn’t have social media himself, a collaboration between Mr Ford, Angela Bishop and Richard Wilkins allows people to send him messaged of support.

Dubbed, the site was done with consent from his family and will be shared with Farnham and his family “when the time is right”.

“It’s a more professional way of going about things. It’s a place for people to send John a message,” said Mr Ford.

Source: Courier Mail


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