Put a smile on your dial because 7 October is World Smile Day!

The act of smiling is a pretty simple one, and it can make all the difference and help light up someone else’s day!

World Smile Day is a great way to celebrate smiling and to help make others smile. There are plenty of global events that happen around the world on World Smile Day, including sending messages of kindness or even giving food to those in need, served with a smile of course.

Here are a few things you might not know about World Smile Day:

  • There are 470 smiling emojis on the internet
  • Happiness is biological and smiling actually increases your endorphins (the hormones that make you feel good!)
  • Smiley faces are yellow because it’s the colour of happiness.

How did World Smile Day start?

Back in the 1980s, a man called Harvey Ball created one of our most recognised and popular symbols – the smiley face. It became one of the most iconic symbols the world had ever seen and continues to be the most recognised.

He also created World Smile Day, a day to celebrate the spreading of simple joy and love, regardless of race, gender or geographic location.

How to celebrate World Smile Day

Consider delivering smile certificates to people

Sending smile cards

Spread the kindness by giving meals to the homeless

Visit a nursing home and help the elderly to smile

And most importantly, don’t forget to smile today!


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