As mowing season kicks off, Ipswich City Council introduces two new fully electric ride-on mowers to its fleet, promising a quieter and more sustainable operation. Mayor Teresa Harding emphasized the cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits of the switch, highlighting the positive impact on residents near parks. Over recent years, the council has expanded its mowing crews, shortened the mowing schedule, and introduced an interactive mowing map for enhanced access to services. This concerted effort ensures consistent maintenance of sporting fields, parks, playgrounds, and footpaths for the community’s enjoyment.

The council’s extensive fleet, now bolstered by the electric mowers, includes 21 mowers, 27 tractors, 12 push mowers, and three all-terrain mowers. Mayor Harding praised the dedicated team of 100 officers responsible for managing maintenance across various city areas, from parks and sports fields to urban footpaths and drains.

Annually, the mowing crews cover an impressive 44,000 acres of parkland and sports fields in Ipswich, equivalent to approximately 5893 Suncorp Stadiums. Ipswich City Council’s commitment to a sustainable future includes the adoption of emission-free equipment. These electric mowers, requiring minimal maintenance and charging as their primary fuel source, stand as a prime example. The council has also invested in a battery electric vehicle for the traffic compliance team, aligning with its broader efforts towards environmental responsibility and cost-effectiveness.

For an interactive mowing map, visit https://maps.ipswich.qld.gov.au/mowing.”

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