As Greater Springfield’s popularity continues to soar, ongoing construction at Springfield Rise may be an enticing prospect for interested homebuyers.

The development has been in the works since 2015 and is expected to provide 4,000 homes for approximately 12,000 people, along with more than 500 ongoing jobs once completed.

The Greater Springfield Area has since continued to expand into an economic epicentre of the region – and Springfield Rise is now over 50 per cent complete and home to 6,500 residents.

Lendlease Head of Queensland Communities, Ian Murray, said the development was the number one selling project in Ipswich, and had become an “address of choice” due to its proximity to wide range of childcare centres, schools and facilities.

The Springfield Rise development area is split into 18 villages and construction recently commenced on Village 18, ‘The Crossing’, but Landlease’s latest project update said the development had suffered some setbacks.

“While we continue to be challenged by weather and Covid conditions in 2022 we are excited to keep moving forward to deliver The Crossing at Springfield Rise at Spring Mountain.” they said.

Mr Murray said the construction of new homes is starting each week, and residents can expect plenty of new facilities in the near future – with new parks and sports fields due to open in 2023.

“Its location and connection to convenience and community makes it a highly desirable place to call home – it’s the ultimate 5-minute address with more to come,” he said.

Lendlease further submitted a development application on August 1 for amendments to the partially completed Village 13 – located north of the neighbourhood centre with proximity to Spring Mountain State School.

It was granted approval in 2017 for 34 lots, six management lots and 54 display village lots, and was expected to be delivered throughout 2015 to 2018.

Lendlease has proposed to extend the currency period of 26 of the display village lots, located at 1, 3 to 6, 20 and 22 Houston Street, 7 and 9 New York Way and 6, 10, 12, 14 and 16 Vancouver Way.

The application requested the time limit of approval be pushed back to September 30, 2023, due to construction delays, and proposed that the remaining 28 display village lots be transitioned to detached dwellings.

“Twenty-eight display homes have been sold, with builders relocating to the new display village in Spring 2023,” explained Mr Murray.

The new application further seeks to reduce the minimum requirement of off-street parking from 444 to 74, and said the amended display village plan would “remove the need” for the previously-proposed overflow car park at 94-88 Russell Luhrs Way.

The application noted that Lendlease are still undertaking a revised Traffic Management Review to assess any impacts on the traffic and pedestrian network.

The amended plans are currently in the initial application review stage, and awaiting the council’s approval.

Source: Courier Mail


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