Celebrate the birth of the Australian motorcycle with The Workshops Rail Museum’s new temporary display, The Spencer Project – featuring a rare and beautiful Spencer machine brought to life with original parts from the museum collection.

Explore the extraordinary history of David (Jimmy) Spencer, an Ipswich local in the early 1900s credited with developing Australia’s first motorcycles. Discover original objects, photographs and documents that pay homage to Spencer’s remarkable contribution to the Australian motorcycle industry.

Exhibition highlights include: discover a rare and beautiful recreation of a Spencer motorcycle constructed by volunteers from the Historical Motor Cycle Club of Queensland using original parts. Step back in time to 1898 in Rockhampton with an album of original photographs from the construction of the then Fitzroy Bridge, a project which Spencer likely worked on. See Spencer’s Queensland Motor Cycle Club 80 Mile Reliability Trial Medal from 1907 and browse the original trial records. Marvel at the fine craftsmanship of Spencer’s original hand made parts and tools.

31st March to14th April 2023

9am to 4pm daily.

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