Tune it Saturday to the ”radio lunatic at large”, Danny P Hoyland.

From 6, Craig “Stinky” Charlton tells us where the fish are biting locally & on the GC, horticulturist Paul Plant -smoke in the garden, good or bad.

Ranger Nicks Camp Oven recipe his Mum’s bacon & egg pie- yum, Dr Deb Mills on the pandemic & mental health, Dr Janine Young about inside the brains of dogs, when they look at you, what are they thinking & Jack Sim stories about Boggo Road gaol escapes.

Harry H Peacock Captain Thunderbolt arrested in Ipswich, Job Advocate Colin Dorber on “ never ever resign”, Chris Adams on the man for all seasons, legendary Inigo Jones who predicted weather events by using different methods of science. And we talk to Holocaust survivor Peter Baruch his family story escaping the Nazis.

Great music, interesting interviews, pacy, annoying but never boring. Tell your friends to tune it to www.westbremerradio.com.au

Listeners say: “ this bloke is to over the top.”



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