It’s believed that around 300,000 people lined up, many for long periods of time, to farewell the Queen and to pay respects at her coffin.

Some people lined up for up to 30 hours, and at one stage, the queue stretched an incredible eight kilometers along the Thames River. Experts say those who took part in the record-breaking queue, were either keen to be part of an historic global moment, were dedicated monarchists or were grieving for the Queen (or a recently lost loved one) on a personal level. The London Ambulance Service said that more than 400 people had collapsed while waiting in line.

Mega star, David Beckham, was one of the hundreds of thousands to line up, with many fans praising him for joining in like everyone else, rather than expecting special treatment. Not so for two unlucky London news anchors, who received widespread criticism after they ‘cut the line’ to get a photo in front of the coffin, before promptly leaving, infuriating mourners who’d lined up for several hours.

In a touching tribute, the Queen’s grandchildren all gathered at her coffin to stand guard as per the royal tradition. on Sunday.


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