The Philippines Australia Multicultural Association Inc (PAMA) is getting set to host an art show to celebrate Ipswich’s diverse and multicultural communities.

PAMA Inc aspires to be a community dedicated to enriching multicultural friendship, and the integration of community’s economic, civic, educational and cultural life.

They work to connect Filipino migrants, new and old, in Australia to other multicultural communities through welfare, sports, and festivities., and extend help to anyone (Filipinos, minorities and/or new generation) encountering difficulties. They advocate on behalf of their community to ensure cross-cultural collaboration, while continuously empowering each other in creating a better lifestyle, a safer environment, and harmony.

What is the PAMA art exhibition?                         

PAMA Art Exhibition is a project under the support of Multicultural Australia which aims to preserve, enrich and integrate the cultural identity of each migrant community through art expression and representation.

This will enable the migrant community on their journey of acceptance, productiveness, unity and peace, which leads to nation building and progress. The Art Exhibition is open to general public – from youth to the elderly – to participate as artists and viewers.

How to Enter? 

Online submissions: visit the PAMA website and complete the entry form. Email a photo of your paintings to

Physical submission: Finished artwork to be delivered one week before the set exhibition date at a designated place with the completed entry form. Collection of artwork (after the exhibition).


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