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  • The Week That Was In Council – CR PAUL TULLY 24092021
    We take a look back at ‘The Week That Was In Council’ this week with Cr Paul Tully. More Posts for Show: The Breakky Club
  • Saturday In Greater Springfield 11SEPT2021
    Join Maria and Pete as they go for another walk through Greater Springfield.
  • Episode 4: Saturday In Greater Springfield
    Join Maria and Pete as they go for another walk through Greater Springfield.
  • Episode 3: Saturday In Greater Springfield 28AUG2021
    This morning from 10 Maria Becis and Peter Carey bring you Saturday in Greater Springfield.  Adam Atherton from Orion Family Physiotherapy and Pastor Phil Cutcliffe from the Westside Community Care join the program to share their stories on how, why and when they made Springfield their home and business base […]
  • Episode 2 – Saturday In Greater Springfield
    Join Maria Becis and Peter Carey for Saturday in Greater Springfield. Director of Marketing with Springfield City Group, Narendran Sinnathamby shares with us what’s happening in Greater Springfield. Stuart Warren from Morgans tells us why one of the country’s leading stockbroking and financial services organisations have been in the region […]
  • Saturday in Greater Springfield
  • The Breakky Club – MAYOR HARDING – 4AUG2021
    The Breakky Club chat with the Ipswich Mayor, Teresa Harding about the current Covid Rules. In the middle of a lockdown, they talk about how much more infectious the new Delta strain of Covid-19 is, and how important it is to get testes and get vaccinated. You can listen to […]
  • The Breakky Club – CRIME WATCH – 3AUG2021
    The Breakky Club chat with the Ipswich District Crime Prevention Unit about how to keep your identity safe. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world, and you won’t know its happening until after it’s happened. Listen in to find out how you can protect yourself, as this […]
  • The Breakky Club – QT NEWS – 30JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with David Johnston from the Queensland Times about things happening around Ipswich. In this podcast, they cover a shooting that occurred in North Booval, where 2 adults and a 16 year old were charged, a new waste to energy plant, why a former Ipswich mayor is […]
  • The Breakky Club – KIND DAY – WITH VANESSA FOWLER – 30JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with Vanessa Fowler about the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation’s Strive To Be Kind fundraiser day. Volunteers have harvested over 4,000 Sunflowers in memory of Allison, as the flowers are known to be very resilient and stand tall. Listen to this podcast to discover more about his special […]
  • The Breakky Club – PAWS FEST – WITH DI BENSLEY – 30JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with Di Bensley about the Paws-Fest coming to Ipswich for all things dog. Running this Sunday from 9am to 3pm, it has everything you could ever want for your fur child, including over 60 stalls, nose work and agility workshops, and more. All funds collected will […]
  • The Breakky Club – TAKE IT TO THE STREETS – 29JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with Dave Martin as he takes it to the streets, informing you about all the local events, places, and things happening in and around Ipswich. They chat about the Allison Bayden-Clay Foundation as they have just harvested 4,000 sunflowers for Strive to Be Kind day tomorrow, […]
  • The Breakky Club – MONEY MATTERS – 29JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with Mike McInnes from Yellow Brick Road Ipswich about all things Super. They chat about whether you should stick with one superannuation fund or another and how they can inform you, so you can make the right choice. You can listen to west Bremer radio online […]
  • The Breakky Club – Jaxon Graham Wilson – Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- 29JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chats to former Ipswich local Jaxon Graham Wilson who stars in the hit musical Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which opens on September 2 at QPAC. Tickets http://www.qpac.com.au Listen to The Breakky Club every weekday morning from 6-9AM on http://www.westbremerradio.com.au on the App and Amazon Alexa
  • The Breakky Club – LIMELIGHT CINEMAS – 28JUL2021
    The Breakky club chat with Limelight Cinemas about all the new movies coming out in your local cinema! Both Jungle Cruise and In the Misfits are scheduled to be released tomorrow, as well as advanced ticket sales for the new Suicide Squad movie are happening from the 5th of August. […]
  • The Breakky Club – PRIDE REPORT – PYE AUGUSTINE – 28JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with Pye Augustine from the Western Pride Football Club about all the wins they had over the weekend. They chat about the girls team in the Kappa Cup winning against Maroochydore 2-0, and how the Western Pride club is going through a governance audit. You can […]
  • The Breakky Club – QT NEWS – 27JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with the QT News about all the news happening in your local area. They chat about how an elite school in Ipswich spent $2.8billion in Jobkeeper, a former council officer on trial for alleged dumping, and how the council have come down from the ‘tower or […]
  • The Breakky Club – LOCAL IPSWICH NEWS – 27JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with David Johnston from Local Ipswich News about all the content included in this weeks edition, including: how Braden’s dream came true, a breakdown of the 2032 Olympics and what it means for Ipswich, the 105th anniversary of the single most disastrous military event of Australian […]
  • The Breakky Club – GET A JOB – 27JUL2021
    The Breakky Club chat with Loretta from Recruitment 24/7 about how you can get that job! They discuss how you should make sure everything is up to date within your application, including all skills you may have, and how you should make sure that you are reading job ads carefully. […]
  • The Breakky Club – Crime Watch – Child Protection Week – 26JUL2021
    In This edition of “Crime Watch” Senior Constable Kerrin Sheedy from Ipswich Crime Prevention Unit, Talks about Child Protection Week Find out more useful tips by listening to The Breakky Club every Monday morning 6-9AM on http://www.westbremerradio.com.au, on our App or on Amazon Alexa. Book Your Tickets to Ipswich and […]