Following her decision last week to resign from the position of Deputy Mayor of Ipswich City Council, Councillor Marnie Doyle today retracted her resignation, instead deciding to continue in the role for the remainder of the 12-month term. 

Division 3 Councillor / Deputy Mayor Marine Doyle

Her decision, which was made following overwhelming support from the community, negates the need for a re-election to take place at Council’s Ordinary Meeting to be held tomorrow, Thursday 24 September 2020. 

“Since the news was announced late yesterday, I have been incredibly humbled by the support I have received not only from my fellow Councillors and the Mayor, but from key stakeholders in the community, Division 3 residents, community groups, and from across the wider City of Ipswich,” Cr Doyle said. 

The Deputy Mayor made the decision to resign from the position so that she could be more accessible to the residents of Division 3, acknowledging that while performing the role, her focus was spread across many aspects of council, in addition to delivering the important responsibilities of a divisional councillor. 

“Upon reflection, and after speaking with a number of my Councillor peers and the Mayor who have offered their unwavering support, I have reassessed my priorities and focus and have decided that I can reshape the way that I approach the role of Deputy Mayor and still deliver to and support my division,” she noted. 

“I look forward to continuing to serve our great city as a Councillor for Division 3, Deputy Mayor, Chairperson of the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee, and member of the Audit and Risk Committee.”

Mayor Teresa Harding said that she was delighted that Councillor Doyle had decided to stay on in the role, noting that she had the full support of council. 

“While I understand the reasons Cr Doyle decided to resign, we are all thrilled that she will be seeing out the remainder of her 12-month term,” Mayor Harding said. 

“Cr Doyle is a highly-regarded councillor who has the utmost respect of myself and the Council,” she added. 


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