It’s Stitch in the Swich – proudly presented by the Ipswich Civic Centre.

One time only! Ellen Briggs will be surprise MC for this month of Stitch in the ‘Swich Comedy! This month features Julia Wilson, Liam Daley and local comedian Selina McMahon!

Julia Wilson has been a truck driver, a bouncer in what some would say are the roughest pubs in Sydney, and also holds a degree in accounting, but declares that she would rather “poke herself in the eye repeatedly with a fork than practice accounting.”

Thankfully it did because there is no one else like her and when Julia is on stage you want to pay attention, and actually you’ll have no choice. To look away or even blink means you’ll miss something because her comedy comes at you in rapid fire.

Liam Daley: one of Brisbane’s funniest up and coming comedians brings his unique observational humor and weird personality to thunderous laughter each time. He has performed throughout Australia, L.A California and Online.

Selina McMahon; Priest. Pomme. Transgender. What’s not to like?

This month’s host Ellen Briggs is an author, comedy writer, and professional MC but where she is most at home is on the stage doing stand-up comedy. Ellen has performed alongside all of the big names in Australian comedy and is highly regarded and a much-loved colleague.

Saturday 30th September 2023 at 20:00 – 22:00

Grab your tickets at ipswichciviccentre.com.au


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