Ipswich Central Invites You To A ‘Celebration Of Our Main Streets And City Centre
Ipswich Central was challenged with Covid and more recently with the floods, but our local
businesses on our main streets are what kept us going.

What many don’t realise, is the enormous amount main streets and city centres bring to both the community and the nation as a whole. It is for this reason we need to refocus on ensuring the success and survival of these areas, Ipswich Central included. Just some of the ways they
contribute are:
• providing a huge number of jobs to those that rely on local or flexible work
• creating local spending
• providing local job opportunities and a training ground for the younger generation
• supporting local causes and charities, as well as sporting groups and schools
• providing a place for the elderly or vulnerable to find their fit in the community
• building connection and providing safe spaces
• allowing a huge number of families to stay financially afloat.

Between 16 and 22 May this year, Mainstreet Australia, an organisation that works tirelessly to
support our main streets and town centres, in partnership with Mainstreet SA & Town Team
Movement, and with the support of Zeller as major sponsors, have collectively launched a
national campaign celebrating the amazing contribution that main streets and town centres such as Ipswich Central provide to the wider community.

Main Streets of Australia Week consists of these precincts, Australia-wide, launching a
campaign, event or activity to celebrate their contribution and remind residents to always
support local where possible.

As part of the Main Streets of Australia Week celebrations Ipswich Central Partnership will be

  • A photo competition- snap a photo and post to Instagram something that shows what you
    love about Ipswich Central using the hashtag #msaustweek #mainstreetipswich
  • Art in action: Watch live painting on Bell Street by local artist Tallman
  • Pupswich Central: Launch of Ipswich Central being dog friendly
  • Chalk stations: Chalk stations set up around the streets to encourage art and play on the
    They are inviting all to join them and celebrate all that Ipswich Central has brought to the
    community thus far, and what it will continue to provide well into the future.

For more information visit Mainstreet Australia | Facebook


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