Advertising Sales Manager Kath Walker, the Breakky Club host Bradley ‘Sparky’ Clarke, and the Drive Home host Rachel Vickary celebrate the announcement.

On Saturday 5 November 2022, The City of Ipswich Business Excellence Awards will kick off to celebrate the bold work that propels the Ipswich business community forward, inspires a competitive marketplace, and fosters meaningful connections within and across business and industry sectors.

These Awards bring together all of Ipswich’s leading businesspeople, creative start-ups and long-established professionals – a handful of whom will win the coveted Awards.

The Gala Event commences at 6.30pm and includes celebrity MC, Sam Kekovich (Mr Lamb) who will host the awards presentations and introduce top-ranking live band ‘SisterMISTER’ to celebrate our winners and finalists at the after-party.

West Bremer Radio is excited to be named as a finalist in the Small Business of the Year category! Stay tuned for updates after the awards!


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