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0600 -0700 Craig Charlton tells us where the fish are biting, Shane Bowering Red Tape Busters Q: should we protect koalas?, Jack Sim talks about cemetery symbolism.

0700 – 0800 Ranger Nick’s Camp Oven recipe, Dr Deb talks cold chain & dying fridges(I’m confused?), & 83 year old Surfers Paradise Surf Lifesaver Peter Brennan who in 1958 aged 21, courageously swam 300 yards in the surf in a belt to rescue a badly wounded shark attack victim – this is a fascinating yarn, and hear how Peter dealt with this trauma back in the day.

0800 – 0900Local historian Harry H Peacock is tracing a Warrant Officer from Charleville over 150 years ago. A new segment with Job Advocate Colin Dorber from Employee Protect talking bullying in the workplace, Chris Adams yarn is significant to today, it’s about a nurse Annie Egan & a pandemic way back in 1918 & nursing the contagious. Nothing’s changed!

And we talk to one of the brave Greenmount SLSC Surf Lifesavers Geoff Carlin who, with 2 other Lifesaving mates, who witnessed the shark attack, went to the aid of the victim Nick Slater – raw courage, such bravery!

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