Tell your friends, neighbours even the people you can’t stand to listen to the lunatic of digital radio Danny P Hoyland by downloading the app www.westbremerradio.com.au.

Craig “Stinky” Charlton where the fish are biting locally, Paul Plant on how to protect your plants from hail damage, & opinionated Shock Jock Shane Bowering from Red Tape Busters on social media & truth, justice & the Australian way.

Ranger Nick Camp Oven recipe French onion chicken, Dr Deb Mills on needle phobia, the COVID prick, Jack Sim on where the Boggo Road Gaol red bricks came from.

Harry “the H” Peacock Ipswich historian on immigrants falling in love in Ipswich & Turkish baths conquering all, wow what a story, Colin Dorber Job Advocate on your superannuation rights, Food scientist Jeremy Ryland tells us about the history of the meat pie, Norman Bardell from Fats Comics Annerley on Comics, are they still popular, the most popular & expensive, & the Phantom Club??Interesting, different, entertaining. Warning: Danny could be annoying, but never boring.

Wake up with Doctor Dan the radio proctologist. He’ll get you going full steam ahead.

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