If you find it a chore guzzling the recommended 8 glasses of water each day, then why not Make staying hydrated fun with Calm and Stormy .. Calm & Stormy Sparkling Mineral Water’s mission is to create healthier people on a healthier planet .

Flavoured with real fruit juice -No added sugar -All natural: contains 10% fruit juice and mineral water. That’s it. -Sleek, tall 100% recyclable aluminium cans The sparkling mineral water is sourced from a spring deep below an ancient, dormant volcano in the pristine Central Highlands of Victoria. This water has been on a 30 year journey, where rain is filtered through volcanic rock, and is infused with natural minerals like magnesium, silica and potassium.

Calm & Stormy take this water and infuse it with a selection of local fruit juices and serve it up in a sleek aluminium can that keeps the drinks bubbly and colder for longer.

I have always loved mineral water but don’t like their high sugar content and the ones with reduced sugar or artificial sweeteners leave a strange aftertaste. With Calm and Stormy there is none of this. I loved the light taste of fruit juice in the sparkling waters. They were crisp and refreshing and not overpowering. They would also be great used as a mixer with your favorite spirit.

There are a few different flavors in the range – -Blood Orange -Tasmanian Raspberry -Lemon Lime -Plain Mineral Water They also have a still water that comes in a 500ml can. There is something really awesome about drinking water from a can. T

he packaging as well as being recycle looks very impressive and would Impress guests if served at a BBQ or special event. If this podcast has got you thirsty – then quench your thirst and visit Calm and Stormy Website- https://calmandstormy.com/

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