Cassandra Barrie presents, don’t let grief steal Christmas.

Grief, the dictionary’s definition, – is intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.
Grief is intense and certainly a whole heap of sorrow, but grief doesn’t just happen if someone passes.

You can grieve a relationship; you can grieve a version of yourself that you might have had to walk away from or was taken from you. You can grieve the loss of a job, your identity – grief can hit in so many areas of life.

And it never lets you know when it’s coming.

But we all know the times of the year like the festive season can be full of triggers and overwhelm us when grief hits.

That’s where Cass Barrie comes in with her event, Don’t let grief steal Christmas.

She encourages anyone who’s ever experienced grief to come and spend the morning with her, and a whole room full of amazing humans who know how you feel, who understand and are living with grief every day.

Learn some tips and tricks from Cass on how to manage grief during this crazy time of year and to use it in your everyday life when it just gets too much.

If you have never met or worked with Cass Before you will be in for a real treat with her bright and bubbly attitude and approach to this life we live.

She is loud, colorful and will leave you laughing, crying and thinking about life differently.

And mingle!
There is totally a bar tab!!

Connect with others in the local area and share your story, be heard, listen to their stories, hold space, cry, laugh and grow together.

Save $20!

Pre sale tickets are currently available for $55 until the 30th of September


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