Public Health Alert – new exposure in Archerfield and Goondiwindi
A public health alert is being issued for contact tracing locations in Archerfield and Goondiwindi after a truck driver from New South Wales tested positive to COVID-19.

The truck driver entered Queensland on the 25 August and returned to New South Wales on the 26 August. They were infectious in the Queensland community for one day. 

Please contact New South Wales health authorities for specific information relating to this case.

We are asking all Queenslanders to regularly monitor the list of exposure venues on the Queensland Health website and follow the public health advice, as more locations may appear throughout the day.

Contact tracing venues can be found at http://www.health.qld.gov.au/tracing.

A reminder for all Queenslanders – if you have any COVID-19 symptoms at any time, no matter how mild, you should immediately get tested for COVID-19.
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