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The fishing professor Matt Osley will do his comprehensive stinking fishy report, Paul Plant the gardening guru educating us on gardening & plants, Jack Sim w/ his scary ghost stories, Pete the Plumber w/ Jammin in Esk, Dave Walsh retired bike cop w/ another real gruesome story in the day in the life of a bike cop. A Ranger Nick Camp Oven recipe.
Shane Bowering the Red tape buster, Dr Janine Young with another interesting science story& Dr Deb Mills informs us of another travel medicine story keeping us up to date.
Legendary TV/Radio journalistChris Adams’ Grave Tale is when Goondiwindi helped Albert Einstein. 
And w/ all the shark attacks occurring lately, I talk to a Surf Lifesaving hero who saved the life of a young bloke attacked @ Pt Lookout in 1974.
It’s all LIVE & LOCAL, so tell your friends to tune it to the most annoying broadcaster in the world wide web. Interesting, informative but never boring. 

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