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To listen to Australia’s most annoying, but never boring digital radio broadcaster. He’s such a pain in the butt, but it’s interesting, informative & pacy.

We’ll tell you where the fish are biting w/ Craig Stinky Charlton, Paul Plant from Plant FM tells us about growing orchids for beginners, Shane Bowering Red Tape busters educates us about parking fines.Dr Janine Young heart attack survivors with hostile traits are more likely to have a second heart attack shortly after the first.

Ranger Nicks Camp Oven recipe is a bottler, Dr Deb the Travel Doctor tells us about medicinal marijuana, hey maaan! Jack Sim our ghost man tells the story about the babies of Walloon.

In the last hour, Local historian Harry H Peacock sporting contests in Ipswich 150 years ago, Job Advocate Colin Dorber gives us advice on underpayment of your wages, & Chris Adams Grave Tale is about a famous Australian stage actress back in the late 1800’s who suffered from domestic violence, & died at age 45 alone.

If you want political correctness, don’t listen. We say it as it is with truth, justice & the Australian way. Let your kids listen, they might learn something.

So get those flappers, your head scallops tuned to the little Queensland banana bender. That’s me, look down.

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