Every year, Donna and Oggy from Helping Support Minds – also known as the Oggsters – create a huge number of Christmas Hampers, for local charities and organisations including the Women’s DV emergency shelter, Ipswich Assist, Down 2 Earth, Goodna Street Life, and Hannah’s House

Sadly, this year, the Women’s DV emergency shelter (WDVES), has seen an increase of clients, so in 2022, Donna and Oggy will be providing a huge fifty Christmas hampers.

They will also deliver 20 Christmas hampers to Hannah’s House, a local organisation who deals with young women between the ages of 16 to 25, as well as their children and families. 

Ipswich Assist and Down 2 Earth will receive 15 Christmas Hampers each, plus they’ll create an additional fifteen hampers specifically for homeless men.

This is 115 Christmas Hampers that they’ll be creating and delivering this festive season, and this is hwere the community can get on board and help out.

“Our priority will be WDVES and Hannah’s House, that is 70 Christmas Hampers that will be delivered, and we receive a list of families who are receiving our hampers,” Donna said.

“We launch our Christmas Hamper drive on 1 September every year and this is where we ask the local businesses and community to donate non – perishable items, first aid items, Christmas presents for all women, men, children, and babies of all ages.

“We also do back to school packs.

“Each family will receive a round rubber laundry basket filled with essentials plus any Christmas gifts and Christmas items we can add to them.  This year, we need to source at least 70 personal shopping trollies on wheels.”

Each hamper also comes with a handwritten Christmas card that contains a message of hope.

“For anyone wanting to be involved and help out, you can donate your items to either The Vintage Advantage or the West Bremer Radio studios, both in the Top of Town, or you can assist at our packing days will be held at Ipswich City Church in Pring Street rooms, Friday 16th Saturday 17th Sunday 18th Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th December we will deliver the Christmas hampers.

“We deliver the hampers as close to Christmas day as we can, so the families wake up on Christmas Day with presents and food.

“Oggy and I do not what to see anyone miss out on Christmas Day. If there is anything you can do to help, it would be greatly appreciated.”

Here’s what’s needed for the 2022 Christmas Hamper Drive:

Non-Perishable Foods – every hamper has these items

– Flour

– Sugar

– Pasta

– Long Life Milk

– Bottles of water

– Rice

– Canned vegetables

– Baked beans.

– Juice

– Spaghetti

– Tuna

– Biscuits

– Soup

– Dry noodles (just add water)


– Lollies

– Cakes

– Chips

– Cans of soft drinks (Can so they can get money for the cans, helps

with school lunches or bills)

– Poppers

– Cordial

– Plates, knives, forks, and spoons

– Napkins

– Nuts

– Snacks

– BBQ Sauce

– Tomato Sauce

– Oats

– Dried Fruit

– Hot Chocolate

– Tea

– Coffee

Toiletries – for all ages 0 – 99 years

– NO SHARPS (razors, knives)

– Combs

– Brush

– Toothbrush

– Toothpaste

– Roll on deodorant. – no can sprays

– Soap and soap containers

– Band-Aids and other first aid items

– Shampoo and conditioner

– Body lotion

Baby items

– Baby stuff from newborn up

– Baby food

– Nappies


– Pet food

– Treats

– Toys

Gift items:

– Men Socks

– Hats

– Hankies

– Books

– Puzzles

– Decks of Cards

– Board Games

– Colouring Books and penicils

– Store Gift Card (No alcohol nor tobacco gift cards)

– Perfume

– Lipsticks

– Sport stuff

– Cars

– Dolls

– Truck

– Water pistols

We also try and put together some back to school items.

– Pens

– Pencils

– Rulers

– Rubbers

– Pencil Case

– Exercise Books

– Note pads.

– Stickers

– Sharpeners

– Texters

PLUS, any Christmas-related items including:

– Christmas pudding

– Christmas lollies

– Custard

– Mince pies

– Shortbread cookies

– Sugar coated nuts

– Gingerbread

– Candy Canes


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