Police Incident – Emergency Declaration – One Mile, Ipswich


Police have shot dead an Ipswich gunman following an earlier incident.


Police request all residents in Ernest and Woodford streets to remain in your home. Stay indoors, there are road closures in place. Police are negotiating with a man in the area.

A 27-year-old man was fatally shot by police this afternoon after officers were called to One Mile at Ipswich following reports of a man armed with a firearm in Ernest Street.

Police were called around 11.15am with an emergency declaration under the Public Safety Preservation Act made at around midday with residents in Ernest and Woodford streets required to stay indoors. 

Police attempted to negotiate with the man and it will be alleged police were threatened and the man shot at around 12.30pm. 

He was treated at the scene however passed away a short time later.

This incident is under investigation by Ethical Standards Command on behalf of the State Coroner. The investigation is subject to oversight by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

The declaration was evoked around 2pm however Ernest and Woodford streets were declared crime scenes and public access is restricted.

Police are appealing for anyone with any information which could assist with the investigation to contact them.

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