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Live, & local in the heart of Ipswich. Where are the fish biting? Craig ”Stinky” Charlton will tell you where to catch & kiss them.Shane “Shock Jock” Bowering from Red Tape Busters gives his opinion on the Oprah interview & Paul Plant Plant FM on pionsettas.

Ranger Nick’s Camp Oven recipe is barndog lamb lollipops, Dr Deb Mills on the COVID, Dr Janine Young airborne COVID could be helping COVID spread, & Jeremy Ryland on secret recipes eg Colonel Sanders, Coca Cola.

Harry H Peacock royal visit to Ipswich in 1868, Colin Dorber Job Advocate on health & safety eg should you have to do the cleaning & washing up etc in the workplace, & Jack Sim with another ghost story plus Breaking News: Recently retired Melbourne Storm Cameron Smith’s Dad Wayne. His Dad will tell us what he knows. I think Cameron will come out of retirement in 4 weeks to play for the Titan’s.

You’ll hear it first on West Bremer Radio with Danny P Hoyland Hooligan Radio, different, pacy & annoying sometimes.

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