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Craig”Stinky”Charlton tells us where the fish are biting, Paul Plant from Plant FM talks about social distancing w/ your plants hum why? Listen in. Shane Bowering Red Tape Busters tells us about current Government grants available to the public.
Ranger Nick’s Camp Oven recipe, Jack Sim’s ghost story, Dr Janine Young w/ a science fact, & Dr Deb Mills talks about being quarantined!
Dave Walshy Walsh former motorcycle cop talks about another frontline gruesome story, Harry Peacock w/ Ipswich history story – the Queen of Radio, Chris Adams legendary TV& Radio journalist with another Grave Tale, the 1900 Bubonic plaque “Black Death” that sounds like the pandemic we are experiencing now. It’s a great yarn, & way back then, the government & medical authorities did much the same as we are doing now!
And….Councillor Paul Tully will be in the studio live with a non politically correct segment on things effecting you. It’s going to be hard hitting w/Tully Talk!
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Daniel Paul Anthony Hoyland the first, Australia’s most annoying digital radio broadcaster.
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