Waking up with me on a Saturday morning is a scary feeling. All that energy bounding out of your mobile phone on the app. Download the app www.westbremerradio.com.au.

I’m annoying but never boring. We’ll tell you where the fish are biting thanks to Craig Charlton, Shane Bowering Red Tape busters, Dr Janine Young tells us about sowing your seeds, Dr Deb talks about the right antiseptic to sanitise properly.

Ranger Nick’s Camp Oven recipe is a curry for COVID recipe.A ghost story with Jack Simm, Councillor Paul Tully will come in live, with “down in the gully”, with Paul Tully. It’s all about Ipswich.

After 8, Harry Peacock local historian, the role of the Third Reich in the Bundamba war trophy, and Chris Adams Grave Tales is all about Ben Lexcen the designer of the Wing keel. Believe it or not, Ben had a tough life & that wasn’t Ben’s real name. Get tuned by downloading the app & listen to the larrikin of the radio.

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And it’s not a politically correct programme so be ready to be stimulated. Keep smiling.


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