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Saturday 11 July 2020 6:00am – 9:00am, a lunatic going crazy on digital Radio.
Craig Stinky Charlton tells us where the fish are biting, Andrew Korner has some great stories in the QT, like a the Council worker who twice resuscitated an 88 year old man, & he survived!
Shane Bowering from Red Tape Busters tells us if your local Councillor can assist you with acquiring Govt Grants, & Paul Plant Plant FM speaks about trendy indoor ficus plants & Dr Janine Young scientist talks about dogs & cats.
Dr Deb Mills the Travel Doctor talks about Lyssa Virus & bats, & Ranger Nick’s Camp Oven recipe glazed sweet potato w/ vegemite.
In the last hour 8-9am Dave “Walshy” Walsh another sad story about the day in the life of a police officer, Harry Peacock local Ipswich historian tells us about the history of Ipswich, & Chris Adams Grave Tale is about Nursing Sister Kenny who took on the medical fraternity & won.
Truth, justice & the Australian way. Be warned there is no political correctness here in this programme, we just say it as it is. www.westbremerradio.com.au. On this day in 2008, Apple launched the I phone, & former PM Gough Whitlam died in 2014 aged 98, well may we say.

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