Good Morning Ipswich it’s time now on your Saturday to be waking up with Dr. Danny Hoyland. A big programme coming your way.
Charltons Fishing tells us where the fish are nooring
What’s in today’s QT – The Queensland Times
Paul Plant Horticulture tells us the screening plants to give you privacy, like the peanut butter plant you can eat!
Ranger Nick’s Camp Oven recipe Tomato & Bacon Soup yummy!
Dr Deb the travel doctor talks about COVID infection. Did you know when you sneeze the droplets travel up to 15 metres.
Chris Adams tells us the Grave Tale of the Box Flat mine disaster in 1972,14 miners still entombed in the mine.
Shane Bowering Red Tape Busters on how to apply for Govt Grants for small business.
And we talk honey bees with Jack Stone from Bee One Third – Neighbourhood Honey. This story about the humble honey bee will fascinate you. 
Plus ending the show with Dr Dan’s fav song of the week, Plus specials, from Mega Meats Booval & Steve Rainbow Articulate Framing’s mini markets. Busy hey, & it’s all local. 🎧🎤📻🏖🏈🌺

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