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We’ll tell you where you can catch, & kiss the fish with Craig Stinky Charlton phew he’s rotten, Paul Plant Plant FM on living Christmas gifts, & Shane Bowering Red Tape Busters his opinion on the Jai Arrow tackle.

Dr Janine Young’s quirky scientific story about finding signs of human pollution on animals living 6 miles beneath the sea & Dr Deb Mills on toilets, & sanitation.

Did you know 4.2b people are living without safe sanitation. And why to always put the lid down before flushing.Jack Sim tells the story about a ghost, a lady in a bonnet that roams the Ipswich cemetery.0800 Harry H Peacock Ipswich history buff, about 100 years of QANTAS with 3 unknown Ipswich stories associated with the QANTAS story, David Muir AM will talk to us about the Republic, why we should have a republic & Colin Dorber Job Advocate from Employee Protect talks about annual leave loading.

Lots of interesting informative talk with great music, plus the radio lunatic larrikin, Danny P Hoyland on West Bremer Radio….download the app & listen to this mullet fondler.

I’m on location doing an OB at Nolan’s Plaza thanks to Articulate Framing & Yellow Brick Road Ipswich.

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