Each Friday afternoon between 5pm and 6pm, Martin Shaw from Wounded Heroes Australia takes over the West Bremer Radio airwaves to host the Veterans’ Hour, a show dedicated to sharing the stories of our veterans and how Wounded Heroes Australia is making a big difference.

On Friday 8 July 2022, Martin caught up with Jim Shapcott, founder of Wounded Heroes to talk about how the organisation first began, and why it’s so vital that veterans and their families have access to a range of programs, support services, emergency help and crisis support provided by the incredible team at Wounded Heroes Australia.

Jim Shapcott: http://www.woundedheroes.org.au

Jim Shapcott has led an extraordinary life of giving and service, with a focus on supporting members of the military and their families.

Mr Shapcott founded Wounded Heroes in 2007. Previously known as the Deployed Soldiers Welfare Association, he changed the name to Wounded Heroes as he found the general public did not easily or immediately understand what a deployed soldier was. 

At the time, he was National Marketing Manager for Devine Homes, when he was approached by his old unit 2/14th at Gallipoli Barracks to provide a place where the families of those soldiers deployed could meet and support each other. That first meeting was held under a tarp and, refusing to accept mediocrity, Mr Shapcott raised over $80,000, with the help of the then Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, and BUILT a Community Centre on base! 

Catch up with Martin Shaw, President of Wounded Heroes Australia, this Friday 15 July, as he shares stories, highlights the issues facing veterans and showcases the work the organisation is doing to combat their struggles.

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