Looking for Christmas gifts that are uniquely Ipswich? Look no further than the city’s very own Imbibis Craft Distillery. Not only do they make products that win international awards; they make flavours that capture the essence of Ipswich and Queensland.

Their latest release gin, Jacaranda gin, was created to represent the rich history of Ipswich and the iconic jacaranda trees that turn the city purple each November.

Jason and Maree Hennay, founders of Imbibis Craft Distillery, said they’re very proud of their latest creation.

“This gin has been several months in the making<” Maree said.

“We wanted to represent the rich history of Ipswich, as well as the colour purple, so it was hard to beat the Jacaranda tree.

“We’ve created a complex and robust gin with bold juniper at the fore, angelica root for an earthy note, citrus for freshness and floral notes for a fragrant lift.

“We’ve used local honey and jacaranda flower for complexity and the colour comes from butterfly pea flower. It also changes colour when tonic is added.”

Imbibis Craft Distillery has also released their signature Ipswich Heritage Gin in time for Christmas as well as sets of miniature gins, dried botanicals and more.

 U5 / 1 Gliderway St. Bundamba, Queensland 4304

 Email: info@imbibis.com.au


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