Saturday 12th December 6-9 Download the app to listen to a lunatic radio rebel www.westbremerradio.com.au

Find out where we can catch & kiss the fish w/ Drew from Charlton’s fishing, Shock Jock Shane Bowering Red Tape Busters goes off, Paul Plant Plant FM edible pot plants.

Ranger Nicks Camp Oven recipe pork hunt casserole, Dr Deb on the UQ cancellation of the virus vaccine, Dr Janine Young on honey bees using horse poo for their protection against murder hornets, Jack Sim on the unusual noises on Cemetery Road, & Jeremy Ryland food scientist on the history of the ham.

Historian Harry H Peacock Ipswich’s greatSanta Claus Fire of 1932, Colin Dorber Job Advocate on wage theft by employers, David Muir on school sporting scholarships, & Paul Tully on the murder of Sharon Phillips.

It’s not politically correct, it’s raw, honest, annoying but never boring plus great music. Tune your ear flaps to Dr Dan on West Bremer Radio📻

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