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Craig “Stinky” Charlton will tell you where to catch & kiss ‘em, the highly opinionated Shane Bowering from Red Tape busters wants to know what drugs D. Trump is on, horticulturist Paul Plant tells us …it’s summer, so plant your shade trees.

Ranger Nicks Camp Oven recipe, Dr Deb Mills talks about mental health & disabilities, Jack Sim tells about the Ipswich Jack the Ripper society hum, Dr Janine Young our resident scientist explains there are Australian mammals that glow in UV light.

Harry H Peacock Ipswich historian has discovered something while metal detecting. Job Advocate Colin Dorber explains public holiday pay, David Muir discusses a cure for dementia, & Jeremy Ryland food scientist tells us the history of the plum pudding & we talk to Steve Haddan about his new book Wally Lewis His life. It’s a packed programme, w/ intelligence(really), humour (really), variety, good interviews (really) & great music. And….it’s not politically correct, it down to earth Aussie talk w/ the radio rebel lunatic Danny P Hoyland.

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