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Listen to Australia’s most annoying but never boring Digital Radio Announcer Danny P Hoyland.In the first hour.

Craig Charlton will tell you where to wet a line, Paul Plant from Plant FM advises us about watering your garden, Shane Bowering Red Tape Busters Q: should we pay for parking in hospitals? NO!

Ranger Nick’s Camp Oven recipe, Dr Deb Mills about the benefits of Chewing Gum -medically speaking, Dr Janine Young about brush turkeys trying to mate with backyard hens & becoming aggressive but it is illegal to touch them- they have rights!Jack Sim has a very funny story about the statue of Benjamin Cribb.

Harry H Peacock Ipswich historian on the OBE & an Ipswich dunny, and Councillor Paul Tully “down in the gully with Paul Tully” talks about Ipswich matters & he’ll give his opinion on the upcoming State Election.

It’s pacey, interesting, stimulating, sometimes annoying but I think you’ll like it. The Radio Lunatic live Saturday mornings 6 – 9am talking to the world on digital radio.

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Craig Goodman · October 17, 2020 at 12:09 pm

Another highly entertaining segment by Harold Peacock. Love hearing these stories whilst being in lockdown in Victoria. Keep up the good work!

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