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We’ll tell you where to catch & kiss your fish w/ Craig Charlton, Shane Bowering Red Tape busters fires up w/ his strong opinions, & Paul Plant gives you 2 garden tips for hot weather.

Ranger Nicks Camp Oven recipe curried eggs, Dr Deb Mills talks about conspiracy theories. Jack Sim 100th anniversary Boggo Road Gaol No 2 divisionafter

Historian Harry Peacock tells us the unusual story of 125th anniversary of when the only lady aeronauts came from Ipswich, Job Advocate Colin Dorber talks redundancy, & David Muir will explain why he supports euthanasia, & I’ll take it up to him because I don’t agree.

Plus we’ll catch up with the Ambos about this hot weather, & what to do in this heat.It’s different, it’s interesting, it’s sometimes garbage, but I think you will like it, he grows on you.

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