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Find out where the fish are bitin’ with Craig “Stinky” Charlton & don’t forget to kiss ‘em, Shock Jock Red Tape Buster Shane Bowering on teen crims out on bail, Paul Plant Plant FM on coffee grind good or bad for gardens.

Ranger Nicks Camp Oven recipe, Dr Deb Mills the travel doctor on baby batteries & baby people- not good, Jack Sim on a Boggo Road Gaol break out.

Harry H Peacock Ipswich historian … there are vampire stories from around the world that invariably involve death and nudity… and Ipswich has it’s own such vampire story!

Job Advocate Colin Dorber on workers compensation when needed, plus information, great music & some jibbering from Danny P Hoyland generally a pain in the butt, but you’ll want to listen cause it’s full of energy, the Queenslander banana bender will give you the “morning giddy ups”.

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